Rock Garden: a huge artwork made from industrial waste

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In Chandigarh, India, an elderly man named Nek Chand has a curious habit. He collects waste from construction sites in the city to create original and unique works of art. In 55 years, this man has forged over 1.400 assorted objects that have found their home on a 12-hectare park, called Rock Garden.

This unique garden is truly one of the wonders in the world of recycled items!

The story begins in 1958 when Nek Chand, a humble clerk, began dreaming of building his kingdom, but he did not have the financial means. He decided to visit construction sites in the city and get different waste that could be useful for his work. He took whatever was available, his only goal being to create something beautiful.

Nek Chand's amazing artwork

Nek Chand’s amazing artwork

Nek Chand kept his park as a guarded secret because it was installed on government land that did not belong to him. After 20 years, however, some neighbors got wind of the existence of this artistic garden. Rock Garden had been a hidden secret, so far.

Nek was afraid of losing his beautiful garden, but he did not have to fear anything as people were surprised and excited, a real achievement for Nek! He successfully managed to combine art and ecology!

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His artwork, once out in the open, got instant recognition because of its uniqueness. In 1976, it  opened to the public. Year after year, Nek Chand and his team kept creating new statues. The garden by now has 1,400 objects spread over 12 hectares.

Nek Chand is now 89 year old and continues to go to construction sites to recover waste and feed his creativity. He would like to see other people working on these types of projects and is willing to share his knowledge!

We discovered Nek Chand’s works through Shamengo, a project aimed at leveraging new pioneers worldwide.
Now, let’s enjoy a fine video of his creations!



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