Vegetarian Recipes

Homemade Muesli

How to make homemade Muesli

Let’s find out together the recipe of homemade muesli: from now on, your breakfast will never be the same again! Muesli is a very nourishing aliment. Full of fibers and minerals, if mixed to milk or to yogurt it becomes a complete meal, right about perfect to start off our day. Or end it! For […] Read More

How to make a delicious ice cream without milk or eggs

If you don't want to change your eating habits and enjoy a dairy free ice cream that's as good as the traditional one we can help! Here's a quick and easy way to prepare ice cream without milk or eggs. There are in fact different alternatives to milk. You can replace dairy milk with soya […] Read More

vegan roast beef

A vegan roast beef, without meat!

A cruelty-free cuisine classic, maybe to cook for Sunday lunch with potatoes, even for those who are not vegan. For this vegan recipe you need gluten flour, which is a wheat gluten powder obtained from wheat flour rinsed under water to remove the starch and increase the gluten concentration. This method is used to strengthen […] Read More

Recipe for a rose petal risotto with white wine

If the thought of adding edible flowers to your cooking has always intrigued you, a rose petal risotto with white wine is a simple way to satisfy and impress all palates! Ingredients: 360 grams of Italian Superfine Carnaroli Rice 2,5 l vegetable stock 1/2 glass dry white wine 2 tablespoons of oil 80 grams of butter […] Read More

Cream of asparagus soup recipe

Cream of asparagus soup recipe

Today we're going to take a look at a more unusual preparation of asparagus soup. For 4 servings you will need: 450 grams of fresh green (clean) asparagus 2 small leeks 200 grams of fresh cooking cream (or soy cream) 1 large potato 110 grams of butter (or same amount of olive oil) 900ml of […] Read More

Summer date shake recipe

A favorite treat in warmer climates, dates are packed with nutrients and vitamins. Their rich flavor and sweetness make them the perfect healthy snack. A great source of antioxidants, fiber, iron, calcium, and potassium, add dates to your summer diet to stay healthy and energized! With summer weather fast approaching, here is a sweet date […] Read More

A healthy recipe for organic, homemade Nutella

Even Nutella can be adapted to a healty diet by following our recipe which is less fatty and contains natural ingredients which don't share the same unethical and environmental implications of products such as palm oil. Here is a recipe for organic Nutella made with hazelnuts and chocolate, please give it a try and let us know […] Read More

Quick hummus recipe: a nutritious snack, appetizer, and side dish

A staple of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, chickpeas (also known as garbanzo beans) are an excellent source of protein and fiber. Both vegan friendly and gluten free, they are also a rich source of iron, magnesium, and vitamins. Chickpeas have a light and buttery taste that make them a great addition to any meal. Some […] Read More

Protein-boost pumpkin smoothie recipe

Need a boost of protein in your weekly diet? Pumpkin is a great source that can be blended into a sweet and tasty smoothie for your fast and active lifestyle. In addition to protein, pumpkin is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamins A and C, Potassium, Fiber, and Magnesium. Because of these beneficial properties, pumpkin […] Read More

Homemade Seitan: how to prepare seitan from scratch

It can be both easy and cheap to adopt a "cruelty-free" vegan lifestyle, especially if you make your own seitan at home. Seitan (wheat protein) can replace meat protein and, together with legumes and cereals, can meet our body’s requirement of meat protein. Here's how to prepare it at home. And by the way... who said […] Read More