DIY spray against mosquitoes

Mosquito spray homemade: 3 DIY sprays against mosquitoes

Here are 3 recipes for homemade good mosquito spray. With the arrival of summer come also the annoying, sometimes even dangerous, bites from mosquitoes, sand flies, horseflies and other insects that are rather unpleasant: to avoid their stings we have to offer 3 DIY sprays against mosquitoes that actually work. The repellent sprays are completely […] Read More

How to dye clothes or fabric in a natural way

Have you ever felt fed up with an old piece of clothing that has been stuck in a drawer for a long time? Have you ever regretted having bought a white dress? Does your favourite canvass shopping bag begin to grow tired and make you feel sad when you go to the grocery store? Don't […] Read More


How to get rid of flies and other insects using natural methods

Those of you who have been woken in the night by the buzzing of a mosquito or an annoying fly landing right on your nose? In those moments you think that there is nothing more irritating than an insect that buzzes around at inopportune moments. Many of us resort to resolve the issue using countless […] Read More

fight dust mites with natural methods

How to fight dust mites with natural remedies

Dust mites are considered a small-scale plague that haunts pillows and wardrobes throughout our homes. These little insects can be defeated using common chemical insecticides, but there are some bad side-effects to humans coming from them: often bug sprays also prove to be harmful to us. Once again, it's better to use natural remedies, just like […] Read More

How to clean your washing machine naturally

Here are a few simple tricks for cleaning your washing machine naturally, using eco-friendly methods. In order to keep your washing machine in good condition, you must keep the inside of the machine clean, in addition to the filter and the tubes. A washing machine’s greatest enemies are calcium deposits and laundry soap residue. They […] Read More

remove odor from shoes

Odor removal: How to remove odor from shoes

Nobody likes a bad smell coming from their shoes, let alone those of others: fortunately there are different natural solutions which are easy to find and use to neutralize, cover up and stop the smell completely. The smell comes from bacteria, that form and reproduce in a hot, humid environment such as the shoes and […] Read More

foods you can freeze

Some surprising foods you can freeze

You may not know, but your freezer is the perfect place to store many foods and even drinks that until now you would've placed only in the refrigerator or you would have thrown in the trash after the deadline. To prevent food waste and free up space in the refrigerator, the freezer will be of […] Read More

Vinegar and baking soda: the best products for house cleaning

Nature can provide us with all the ingredients we need to do anything, even the house-cleaning. You can clean the house without resorting to any chemical cleaners, harmful to both humans and the environment alike. There are two substances, in particular, that are excellent allies in the home: white vinegar and baking soda. White vinegar […] Read More

How to clean marble, stone and granite floors in an environmentally friendly manner

Marble, despite its strength, suffers from the effects of wear and tear over time when cleaned with conventional detergents and acidic substances. Often, marble surfaces acquire a lackluster look from being cleaned with chemicals, often present in multi-purpose cleaners You will discover how to keep marble shiny and smooth in an eco-friendly manner. The routine […] Read More

7 recipes for green cleaning products

Those of us that want to improve the environmental condition of our planet, always expect that the solution will come from above. Most people think that problems are attributable to the large industrial groups. The fact remains that in our small way we can lower the levels of pollution, if we take only a few […] Read More