Guide to the properties of mint with recipes, cultivation tips and advice and contraindications

The Mint is a plant known since ancient times for its therapeutic properties and the many uses that can be made in the kitchen. Here is a guide on varieties and recipes. Mint (Mentha genus) is a perennial herbaceous plant that is found in many species. It belongs to the Labiate family and has a […] Read More

how to grow thyme

How to grow thyme at home

Today we will learn how to grow thyme, one of the easiest plants to grow, especially on your balcony. Thyme is known and used since ancient times as a medicinal plant thanks to its balsamic, antiseptic and anticatarrhal properties. As a spice it has different uses in the kitchen: suitable as a condiment- especially for […] Read More

grow salad at home

How to grow salad at home

Have you ever thought of producing some foods from your kitchen by yourself? If you answered yes, then you better not miss this practical mini-guide explaining the techniques to cultivate potted or bottled salad, from seeds or leftovers. This way you can ensure a constant flow of delicious fresh home-grown salad, you can also intelligently […] Read More

How to remove snails from your garden using natural methods

Those who are passionate about gardening know just how potentially dangerous snails and slugs are for the health of their plants. This is particularly true during the spring, when fresh delicate sprouts begin to grow and attract many types of pests. If you are searching for ways to protect your plants from snails without using […] Read More

How to make soil acidic

How to make soil acidic

One of the most important things when it comes to the best soil to use for the type of plant you intend to grow is the pH value, or acidity level, which corresponds to the concentration of H+ ions in a substance. Depending on the characteristics, some plants require different terrains with diverse levels of […] Read More

How to grow fruit trees at home

How to grow fruit trees at home

Do you have a balcony or a terrace and want to grow fruit trees? All you need is a little patience, good soil and some seeds, or better yet fruit leftovers. Some fruit trees are in fact easily grown in pots and can grow with great success from the seeds of the plant itself. If […] Read More

How to keep ants away naturally

Each season has its pros and cons. Spring and summer brings with them the much feared ‘ant invasion’. Even living close to nature can prove to be a big problem. There are natural solutions which are cheap and don't call for the use of chemicals. These methods are especially useful if there are children and […] Read More

flowers for a shady balcony

Mini-guide to balcony flowers: flowers for a shady balcony

Balconies lacking sunlight are not enslaved to shady and dark panorama, infact there are many species of flowers that can color them. First, be careful to distinguish between the balconies that are perpetually in the shade and those that receive sunlight at certain times of the day, because not all flowers are the same and […] Read More

guide to balcony flowers

The easy guide to balcony flowers

Not all of us have the capability to grow plants and flowers in our backyards, in fact most of us are forced to settle just for balcony flowers in more or less 'cramped' areas. But who said that a balcony necessarily has to reduce your creativity? Here's a brief guide to balcony flowers that will […] Read More

flowers for a sunny balcony

Mini-guide to balcony flowers: flowers for a sunny balcony

We must say that the plants bear the heat in different ways depending on the surrounding. In reality, on a balcony overlooking the street surrounded by building, our plants will be more stressed by the sun, rather than being in a garden, even a sunny one, but in the middle of the lawn and even […] Read More