Creative Recycling

How to recycle coffee grounds in a useful way

This article will really make you change the way you think about this apparent waste product. Coffee grounds, for example, can be put to a wide range of uses in the field of cosmetics such as cellulite cream! Used coffee grounds are an excellent organic fertilizer, rich in natural substances. This product is often utilized in horticulture […] Read More

food for stray animals

Food for stray animals in the city in exchange for bottles and cans

In Istanbul, Turkey, there are 150 thousand dogs and cats on the streets, a situation that often proves to be problematic, both for the animals and the people. In attempting to solve the problems posed by this situation, a new generation of recycle bins that turn bottles into food for stray animals is one thing […] Read More

plantable coffee cup

California startup creates plantable coffee cup

Paper coffee cups are a major problem for our environment. They increase the amount of waste in landfills and are made from the destruction of forests. California startup Reduce. Reuse. Grow. has envisioned a way to help reduce this problem: a prototype for a plantable coffee cup. For those who often take their coffee to […] Read More

New York company creates fun eco-friendly gifts

Lovewild Design's official website explains their focus as being "handmade products from locally and responsibly sourced materials." They offer a range of adorable handmade gifts that are fun and creatively sustainable. Among their most unique products is the “seed paper blooming confetti,” made from wildflower seed paper. After throwing outdoors for a party or celebration, no […] Read More

Denim company recycles old jeans to make furniture accents

Swedish clothing brand Nudie Jeans is helping to keep landfills cleaner by recycling their old products. The company creates and sells only “100% organic cotton denim,” and takes pride in eco-friendly practices and lifestyles. Their sustainable ideas, called their “Denim Maniacs Projects” are focused on re-using their worn-out denim in various ways. Two examples of […] Read More

Zero-waste lifestyle: Lavazza ready to present edible coffee cups!

What about having a coffee and eating the cup, rather than throwing it into the bin? We could substantially reduce the amount of plastic waste, just think about all the coffee breaks in an office day work.... Enrique Luis Sardi, a Venezuelan designer, thought about an eatable cup to offer a sweet treat during the […] Read More

recycle towels

How to give your towels a new life

Even the softest towel becomes faded and rough...there is no choice: you have to replace it, unless you really want to use it to exfoliate your body rather than dry it! If this is not the case, but you would like to re-use your beloved old towels (we kind of grow fond of them…) there […] Read More

homemade modeling clay

Fun recipe for homemade modeling clay

Kids love to tap into their creative sides and express themselves with colors, shapes, and storytelling. A classic favorite of children around the world is modeling clay (or Play-Doh, arguably the most popular brand). Although most modeling clays commercialized for children are non-toxic, there is a fun and easy way to make your own "kid-safe" […] Read More

reverse vending machines

Innovative recycling: reverse vending machines

Cans and plastic bottles are dangerous to the environment when they are thrown on roadsides, in bodies of natural water, and on beaches. They pollute our communities and our ecosystem to a great extent. Some cities have adopted an innovative way to fight this problem: reverse vending machines. They are usually placed in well-known and […] Read More


How to grow a plant from a food waste: some plants that can grow again

There are so many vegetables that can easily grow back up and become a new source of food. All we need to do is find out which varieties can be re-cultivated at home and follow a few simple tips to revive our leftover food. The vegetal varities that tend to re-grow the most are at least a dozen, all […] Read More