Agnes Denes

Agnes Denes, a woman’s touch: confrontation, land and resources

Agnes Denes is an artist of legendary status, who first married together conceptual and environmental art. She is a Hungarian born and New York based artist, who is the forerunner of environmental art movement. Let’s see what conceptual art means. Conceptual artist does not emphasize on one single object of art, but their main concern […] Read More

How to make a terrarium: a step by step DIY tutorial

Today we will show you how to make a terrarium, a miniature garden that will add a touch of green to your home. Have you ever wanted your very own tiny ecosystem? Just as an aquarium is a microcosm of aquatic life, a terrarium is a beautiful microcosm of plant life that you can keep […] Read More

La Piantata, Arlena di Castro, Italy

8 tree houses that will make your jaw drop!

Tree houses, a blast from the past! If there's something that captivates our fantasy, that's exactly tree houses. We started touring them, collecting information long before they became fashionable on the internet and this is our short list. Of course, these ones are not exactly the tree houses of your childhood, but I'm sure you […] Read More

10 amazing and inspiring Bamboo Houses

Bamboo House: the word "Bamboo" evokes in many of us the image of the tall, leafy plant that gardeners use as screens in our gardens or maybe the image of the depleted natural habitat of pandas in China. A considerably smaller amount of people will think about bamboo flooring or even furniture made with this […] Read More

How to recycle coffee grounds in a useful way

This article will really make you change the way you think about this apparent waste product. Coffee grounds, for example, can be put to a wide range of uses in the field of cosmetics such as cellulite cream! Used coffee grounds are an excellent organic fertilizer, rich in natural substances. This product is often utilized in horticulture […] Read More

pet art veronika richterova

Artist transforms plastic bottles into fantastic shapes

Ever wonder what you can do with old plastic bottles that you don't want to throw away? Czech artist Veronika Richterova’ takes creative recycling to a new level by transforming plastic bottles into incredible works of art. Over the years she has created hundreds of lamps, plants, animals, flowers, and other forms by cutting and […] Read More

A children’s book that can be planted into a tree

Imagine a thoughtful hands-on method of teaching children about the origins of books and importance of trees. An Argentinian book publisher has come up with a creative way to do just that. Pequeño Editor has made a special version of their children’s book, "Mi papá estuvo en la selva" (My dad was in the jungle) that can […] Read More

Switzerland Pavilion tackles theme of limited food resources

At this year’s World Expo in Milan, there are numerous countries that stand out for representing the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for life” in unique ways. The Switzerland Pavilion illustrates its point with a hands-on experience. Tackling the problem of scarcity of the world’s food resources, the pavilion houses four types of food products - […] Read More

Mexican architect designs beautiful seashell-shaped home

Imagine living in a gigantic spiral seashell, your senses transporting you to the ocean, while in the middle of your city life. Mexican architect and professor Javier Senosiain, specialized in “Organic Architecture”, envisioned and designed this strange yet alluring structure. Called The Nautilus, the house was created with curves and spirals, making its walls seem continuous with […] Read More

food for stray animals

Food for stray animals in the city in exchange for bottles and cans

In Istanbul, Turkey, there are 150 thousand dogs and cats on the streets, a situation that often proves to be problematic, both for the animals and the people. In attempting to solve the problems posed by this situation, a new generation of recycle bins that turn bottles into food for stray animals is one thing […] Read More