December 2017

Muscat nut

9 amazing health benefits of nutmeg (or Muscat nut)

Nutmeg (or Muscat nut, which is its original native name) is native to the Moluccas and New Guinea. This spice is actually a seed, the inner part of the fruit of the Myristica Fragrans. The seed is used as a ground powder or as a dried nut ready to be shredded. It has an oval shape and it […] Read More

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how to cure chillblains

How to cure chilblains both on your hands and feet naturally

Find out what are the treatments and how to cure chilblains with natural remedies, both on your hands and your feet. With the winter season, in addition to the usual elements, to suffer the ravages of cold is also the skin, especially the limbs- hands and feet that can develop painful chilblains. It is an […] Read More

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Agnes Denes

Agnes Denes, a woman’s touch: confrontation, land and resources

Agnes Denes is an artist of legendary status, who first married together conceptual and environmental art. She is a Hungarian born and New York based artist, who is the forerunner of environmental art movement. Let’s see what conceptual art means. Conceptual artist does not emphasize on one single object of art, but their main concern […] Read More

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Saffron: recipes, prices, side effects and properties

Saffron is one of the most expensive foods on earth. With its strong and decisive taste, saffron is an obligatory ingredient in countless recipes. It is also rich in phytonutrients and possesses unique medicinal properties. Saffron appears in so many recipes around the world. Saffron risotto is arguably the most popular dish, but you will […] Read More

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The benefits of coconut oil

The amazing benefits of coconut oil

The oil you obtain from the dried pulp of a coconut is incredibly valuable, because it is bound to a variety of uses. Coconut oil, which was considered an enemy of health for years, is now completely rehabilitated by more recent scientific studies. Its normal consistency at room temperature is not liquid but solid, similar […] Read More

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