September 2017

Savoy cabbage properties and health benefits

Here are all the properties of Savoy cabbage and the uses of this plant in many cooking recipes, a classic ingredient of natural cuisine. Savoy cabbage (Brassica oleracea), also called cabbage, is a plant known since ancient times for its medicinal properties and currently widespread in Europe and in the USA. It is a typical […] Read More

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Let’s find out all the properties and benefits of the Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is one of the most successful foods in recent years. Yogurt has always been a healthy choice for breakfast and snacks. In today’s consumer world, the different types of yogurt seem limitless. In any supermarket, you can find a variety of colors, flavors, and brands. Let's find out what  the differences and benefits are […] Read More

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Homemade Muesli

How to make homemade Muesli

Let’s find out together the recipe of homemade muesli: from now on, your breakfast will never be the same again! Muesli is a very nourishing aliment. Full of fibers and minerals, if mixed to milk or to yogurt it becomes a complete meal, right about perfect to start off our day. Or end it! For […] Read More

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How to make delicious homemade yogurt

Yogurt, a staple item in everyone's shopping cart, is ideal for a healthy snack. Low in fat, adored by women and good for children, what more could you ask for! You’ll be pleased to hear, therefore, that it’s easier, and quicker, than you may think to make yogurt at home from scratch. A perfect way […] Read More

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Guide to the properties of mint with recipes, cultivation tips and advice and contraindications

The Mint is a plant known since ancient times for its therapeutic properties and the many uses that can be made in the kitchen. Here is a guide on varieties and recipes. Mint (Mentha genus) is a perennial herbaceous plant that is found in many species. It belongs to the Labiate family and has a […] Read More

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DIY spray against mosquitoes

Mosquito spray homemade: 3 DIY sprays against mosquitoes

Here are 3 recipes for homemade good mosquito spray. With the arrival of summer come also the annoying, sometimes even dangerous, bites from mosquitoes, sand flies, horseflies and other insects that are rather unpleasant: to avoid their stings we have to offer 3 DIY sprays against mosquitoes that actually work. The repellent sprays are completely […] Read More

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