March 2015

Divine beauty benefits of rose petals

There is nothing more luxurious than a scented bubble bath with rose petals. Roses have been synonymous with love and beauty for hundreds of years. The ancient Greeks and Romans were some of the first to use rose petals in their baths, cosmetics, and beauty treatments. What makes roses so special and desired when it […] Read More

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flowers for a shady balcony

Mini-guide to balcony flowers: flowers for a shady balcony

Balconies lacking sunlight are not enslaved to shady and dark panorama, infact there are many species of flowers that can color them. First, be careful to distinguish between the balconies that are perpetually in the shade and those that receive sunlight at certain times of the day, because not all flowers are the same and […] Read More

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Cleansing milk and facial tonic

A DIY cleansing milk and facial tonic recipe

The cleansing milk and facial tonic are the basis for cosmetic facial cleansing, supermarkets and stores are stocked with all kinds of brands and variations to suit everyone's needs, but there are also recipes for getting these cosmetics at home, saving you money and knowing what they are made of. Let's see how to realize […] Read More

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Nutritional benefits of peanut butter

Nutritional benefits of peanut butter: protein and healthy fats

A popular creamy spread used for sandwiches and snacks, peanut butter is a favorite of many around the world. Often thought to be unhealthy due to its hearty, filling nature and its frequent use as an ingredient in desserts, peanut butter is actually rich in nutrients. When eaten in moderate amounts, peanut butter is good […] Read More

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Take care of your skin naturally at home

Our skin, the largest organ of our body, is put to the test by a series of external factors: air pollution, solar radiation, stress, heat, sun, cold, wind, causing it to suffer all year round. Our skin is one of our bodys important defense systems. It acts as a barrier to pathogens and is a tireless […] Read More

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plantable coffee cup

California startup creates plantable coffee cup

Paper coffee cups are a major problem for our environment. They increase the amount of waste in landfills and are made from the destruction of forests. California startup Reduce. Reuse. Grow. has envisioned a way to help reduce this problem: a prototype for a plantable coffee cup. For those who often take their coffee to […] Read More

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Simple wooden coffee table multifunctions as pet bed

French design company Fabbricabois has created a simple yet functional furniture piece with your pet’s comfort in mind. Nidin is a wooden coffee table that doubles as a cozy pet bed for your adorable furry friend. The design was inspired by Japanese origami, and consists of seven flat geometric pieces that fit together. It is […] Read More

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World’s tallest wooden skyscraper will be in Austria

Next year, the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world will be built in Vienna, Austria. Called the HoHo Project, the building will be 84 meters (276 feet) tall and will be located in the Seestadt Aspern area in north-eastern Vienna. The 24-story building will house residential units, offices, a hotel, restaurant, and wellness center. The […] Read More

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Canadian city plans “freezeway”: an ice-skating path for commuters

Residents of Edmonton, Alberta are not unfamiliar with below freezing temperatures. In a city where the average winter temperature is colder than -10C, trudging through the ice and snow can be an unpleasant daily experience. What if there was a way to commute through the city during the icy cold winter that was quick and […] Read More

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A natural and eco-friendly pool, why not!

We all know that chlorine damages hair, but that's only the start. This chemical can also cause problems with asthma and dyspnea (especially in children under 6 months of age). Furthermore, human secretions such as sweat react with chlorine to produce chloramines that can irriate the eyes, nose, throat and respiratory airways. For this reason we'd like to highlight some natural pools […] Read More

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