December 2014


How to grow a plant from a food waste: some plants that can grow again

There are so many vegetables that can easily grow back up and become a new source of food. All we need to do is find out which varieties can be re-cultivated at home and follow a few simple tips to revive our leftover food. The vegetal varities that tend to re-grow the most are at least a dozen, all […] Read More

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bike sharing for kids in Paris

Bike sharing for kids, it happens in Paris!

When we think about going for a ride we usually figure ourselves in a park, or visiting small villages where cars are banned, on holiday or making short trips. We would keep a relaxed pace to escape from our chaotic life. But nowadays there could be other reasons to climb on a bicycle: everyday life […] Read More

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reasons to marry a cyclist

10 great reasons to marry a cyclist!

Does you your boy/girlfriend love to go cycling? Well, do know that letting him/her go could be one of your biggest mistake in life. Why? For at least 10 good reasons about why marrying a cyclist is a brilliant idea! 1. They live longer: a pro cyclist has a life expectancy of 6,3 years higher […] Read More

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Vyacheslav Mishchenko snails

Vyacheslav Mishchenko’s world: where teeny tiny creatures in the undergrowth live a magical life

With their little dampish look, snails aren’t always seen with good eyes and it rarely happens that they arouse kindness and sweetness like it usually happens with the so adorable puppy dogs and kitties. And yet there is someone who managed to take this challenge and picture the undergrowth’s belonging creatures as their job, like […] Read More

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Welcome To The Coldest City On Earth: Yakutsk, Russia

Through the icy blanket of fog, one can catch a glimpse of a domineering statue of Lenin in the city’s central square. During the winter, the average temperature here is around minus -40°C. It is a vast, freezing world with almost 300,000 inhabitants. This is Yakutsk, Russia, widely known as the coldest city on Earth. Located […] Read More

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3 fun ways to season salt

Spices are essential in any kitchen to make dishes appeal to savory and sweet palettes. To liven up your cooking, here are 3 tasty and fanciful ways to season your salt. They are easy to follow and add a special touch to your simple dishes. Salt seasoned with aromatic herbs - This adds a burst of […] Read More

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Beauty benefits of sweet almond oil

Let’s talk about another wonderful, natural oil that is fantastic for beauty: sweet almond oil. It is very important to make a distinction between two different types of almond oil: sweet and bitter. Sweet almonds are what we are most familiar with in our everyday cooking and eating habits. Bitter almonds, by contrast, are dangerous and […] Read More

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Winter recipes: velvet mushroom soup

On cold winter days, velvet mushroom soup is a delicious comfort food to enjoy at the dinner table or in a mug by the fireplace. It is creamy, healthy, and will warm you up during the holiday season. Recipe - Ingredients for 6 people 350 grams of fresh champignon mushrooms (or 50 grams of dry […] Read More

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Sleep deprived? Try these natural remedies against snoring

There is nothing more annoying than trying to get a good nights sleep while your significant other is next to you snoring like a freight train. According to recent studies, 1 in 4 people suffer from pathological snoring, which can present itself as chronic or sporadic. Although snoring is very common, and often nothing to […] Read More

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Socotra trees: at risk because of global warming

The Dracena tree (Dracaena cinnabari), otherwise known as the Dragon of Socotra is a truly magnificent specimen. The national symbol of Yemen (you can find it on the 20 Rial coins), it is one of the strangest trees on this planet. The Socotra region is a small archipelago of four islands, one larger than the […] Read More

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