November 2014

Coffee exploitation

The other face of coffee: a few things we did not know about our favorite drink

Coffee certainly is the favorite drink of millions of people worldwide. According to experts and historians, this drink was first traded around the years 900-1000 AD, via sea routes.These routes also brought other products like spices and silks. Previously coffee appeared in Europe in 1615, thanks to Venetian and Turkish merchants. It was brought via sea routes, along […] Read More

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vegan tiramisu

Vegan Tiramisu Recipe

Thinking of a vegan diet means for a lot of people, renouncing to the taste of goodies and treats at all, that are usually considered makeable only with products coming from animals, such as butter and eggs; however it’s not like that, you’ll just have to try our vegan tiramisu recipe! Therefore we are giving you the […] Read More

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The world’s largest ice caves: Werfen, Austria

I personally had the chance to visit these caves a few years ago and it is an experience that I recommend to everyone. Here are some pics and a lovely video, but it's very different to see them in person. The German name (Eisriesenwelt, "World of the Ice Giants") can give a more accurate idea […] Read More

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nuggets animation

Nuggets: A Brilliant Animation About The Struggle Of Addiction

Nuggets is a short animation that was published by German animators Filmbilder just one month ago. Since then, it has gone viral, with almost 4 million views on YouTube. The video is an absolutely brilliant allegory about the patterns of addiction. A small Kiwi comes upon a tasty golden nugget that makes it feel great […] Read More

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Recipes with Quinoa: mushroom soup

Quinoa can easily replace other grains and cereals in almost all recipes Quinoa can be cooked like rice, you will needs two parts water or stock to one part quinoa. Cook the mixture for about 20 minutes, or until the grain is translucent and the white germ comes out of the hull. After cooking, quinoa needs to […] Read More

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LED lights that bring sunlight to the interiors

Sunlight in the house thanks to an LED lamp!

Would you like to brighten up your home with the warm tropical light or the bright colours of the northern sun? Here is a solution that can turn any room into an environment where the sun always shines. A group of researchers from the University of Insubria, Italy, has developed a lighting system that can […] Read More

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curitiba first smart city in the world

The first Smart City in the World: Curitiba, Brazil

Jaime Lerner was elected mayor of Curitiba in 1971 and on that year he started his long project of reconstruction of the city. First of all, during the election year, he decided to listen to drivers and traders protests by turning an ordinary road into the famous Rua das Flores (The Flowers Street), a beautiful […] Read More

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see-through solar panels

New see-through solar panels: energy straight from your home windows!

The prototype already exists and a team of American researchers is currently fine-tuning it: we are talking about a new transparent solar panel. Soon solar energy will be harnessed through the glass of common domestic windows and anyone will be able to convert solar power in electricity without conceding on transparency and the optical quality […] Read More

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These little ones will learn to be good parents

Beware, this one is going to be a seriously cheesy post ;-) This is a very simple truth, that applies both to humans and animals: parental love knows no boundaries. Animals that share our same instincts, emotions are portrayed here: tenderness overload! 1) Source: - Anton Belovdchenko 2) Source: Flickr  3) Source: FOCUS: Denouncing […] Read More

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nature surrealism

Nature Surrealism: When Nature Gets Artsy

Here are a few landscapes you will certainly like. You'll probably think they're colorful palettes from a different world: striking examples of nature surrealism, with some really awesome patterns created by natural forces. Enjoy! EXPLORE: A sea of stars: the phenomenon of bioluminescence You might also like: Hang Son Doong cave: the biggest cave in the world 10 reasons to visit Iceland […] Read More

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