October 2014

Plitvice National Park, Croatia

20 of the Most Beautiful National Parks in the World

National Parks are natural areas protected and subject to specific regulation. They represent real treasures of our cultural and natural heritage. Among these some 4,000 exceptional sites, the lunar landscape of the Grand Canyon, the wonderful waterfalls of Iguaçu in South America, the Mercantour in France, Plitvice in Croatia and many other destinations. So much […] Read More

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how to repel flies with herbs

How to Repel Flies with Herbs

With the arrival of the summer, our homes are inevitably invaded by insects of all kinds. Among the unwanted guests, like mosquitoes, flies are certainly the most annoying and persistent ones, we're here to give you some advice to distance them using natural methods. Just like for mosquitoes, in nature there are plants that act […] Read More

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a staircase that caters for disabled people

Elegant Functionality: A Smart Staircase

Functional example of public-space architecture: a staircase that caters for disabled people, combining style and elegant functionality. You might also like: Eco-Viikki: a new ecologically-sustainable neighbourhood on the outskirts of Helsinki An invisible “troglodyte” design home […] Read More

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Local autonomy and environmental protection in China

Local autonomy and environmental protection: a case study from remote and rural China

Yunnan is a southern province in China, rich in minority groups maintaining their own way of life, practicing their own religion, producing their own art, craft and music. Yunnan is relatively underdeveloped compared to other regions of China, but this region is not protected from rapid and sometimes unplanned industrialization. A concern now is to […] Read More

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Painting, pasting and coating: decorate your home with natural products!

Home products are often toxic. Coatings, paints, adhesives are filled with components that can be both dangerous for the environment, but also for your own health. To avoid it, here are some green solutions recommended by professionals, which will allow you to decorate your home with natural products. Let's start with paints. Clay paint: in order to […] Read More

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Health benefits of turmeric: why you should add it to your diet right now

Up until recently I hardly ever paid attention to turmeric and even if I am an accomplished cook and I knew of the existence of this spice, it was never really something I would keep in my pantry. To me turmeric belonged to Indian cuisine and I never really needed it to prepare my “western” dishes […] Read More

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Top 10 virtues of tea

Originating in East, the main tea producing countries are India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Kenya. After water, tea is the most common beverage in the world! There are different kinds of tea available in the market: black tea (available in a variety of flavors), green tea, red tea and white tea. All teas are devoid of calories (if […] Read More

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The most harmful additives in our food

Additives are present in the vast majority of food we consume daily. It is therefore difficult to avoid them and we don’t think much about the harm they can cause, yet, they can be really dangerous for our health. When we talk about harmful additives in our food, we refer to chemicals added to our food, in order […] Read More

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recipe for homemade glue

A recipe for home-made glue

Many people are not aware that there is a recipe for glue that is simple and very easy to make at home in no time, with just 3 ingredients found in any kitchen! Water; flour; Sugar. And that's it! Pour a glass of flour and a tablespoon of sugar in a medium saucepan. Add a […] Read More

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natural remedies against spiders

5 simple tricks to chase away spiders from your home

Many people are terrified of spiders and find them repulsive. An area infected with spiders can be synonymous of dirt and poor hygiene. Although sometimes beneficial for the environment, spiders are generally not popular. If you too are not fond of them, here are at least 5 simple tricks to chase away spiders from your home. 1 […] Read More

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