September 2014

Adzuki beans properties

Adzuki beans properties and cooking suggestions

Adzuki beans (or Azuki/Aduki) are legumes of Asian origin, belonging, in particularly to countries like Japan, where the consumption of these beans is as important as that of soybeans. In Western countries adzuki beans are not very well known, but are very well known by those who follow alternative diets, such as vegetarian and vegan diets […] Read More

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bicycles in copenhagen

Copenhagen, where bicycle is king

Arguably one of the cyclists' capitals in Europe, Copenhagen witnessed an impressive growth both in dedicated infrastructure and number of bicycles in the last twenty years. Suffice it to say that bicycles at the moment outnumber people in the Danish capital. As we write, there's even five times more bikes than there are cars in […] Read More

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How to make homemade soap from olive oil

Some attention must be paid during preparation as the procedure requires the use of caustic soda, a hazardous material that must be handled with extreme care. It is absolutely essential to always use rubber gloves, goggles and to wear a mask covering the nose. When diluted caustic soda produces corrosive fumes:  For this reason the soap must be prepared […] Read More

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vertical agriculture in Singapore

Vertical Agriculture in Singapore

One of the most pressing problems humanity will have to face in the near future will be meeting the food demand of a rapidly increasing population while the availability of land on which to grow or farm food will become more and more scarce. The Spanish Architectural firm Japa tried to reply with the proposal […] Read More

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10 practical solutions to protect yourself from mobile phone radiations

This is a sensible issue we have already written about in the past, but today we want to revisit the topic due to new evidence that has recently come to light and with a list of recommendations to keep in mind, 10 practical solutions to protect yourself from mobile phone radiations. Let's start with the evidence […] Read More

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Bosco Verticale Milan

Bosco Verticale: two pioneering green towers in Milan

In the last few days a new exciting development has been partially unveiled -with the scaffoldings being removed- in Milan, the second biggest city in Italy and one of the most polluted in Europe. “Bosco Verticale” –literally “Vertical Forest”- by Architectural Studio Boeri, comprises two revolutionary towers that will house 111 apartments. The project is […] Read More

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What is Organic Food? A video will explain it to you

Watching this video you'll find many answers to you questions, as what does organic food mean? When did the organic movement start and what does it comprehend? Organic food is getting more and more popular these days but many people still wander which is the exact meaning and concept of Organic. This video was shot […] Read More

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bath salts at home

How to make natural bath salts at home

Bath time is always a good opportunity to relax, and its even better if you use bath salts, as  in addition to being fragrant they also promote the elimination of toxins. You can make natural bath salts at home with readily available ingredients that are all natural. For the recipe of smelling salts you need: 4 […] Read More

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What a lovely mansard

What a lovely mansard! Really cute and cozy, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below […] Read More

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10 reasons to visit Iceland

We found 10 very good reasons for you to visit Iceland as soon as you can ;-) I guess you'll agree on this after watching these amazing pictures:  roaring volcanoes, monolithic glaciers, icy mountains and deep fjords, where the nature itself is animated by a sort of mystical power.   […] Read More

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