July 2014

Karl Lagerfeld’s spectacular bookshelf

Your home is a reflection of your personality and the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld makes no exception here. Karl's passion for books and reading is emphatically reflected in the wonderful bookshelf that you see in the picture below. He is quoted as saying: "Books are a hard-bound drug with no danger of an overdose. I […] Read More

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natural remedies against anxiety

Natural remedies against anxiety

The hectic pace of day to day life, small (or large) everyday worries are the main causes of a disorder commonly referred to as anxiety. Who has never suffered from anxiety at least once in his life? It is normal to feel anxious from time to time, and in most cases we can keep it […] Read More

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tin cans flower pots

8 Awesome DIY Flower Pots For Your Home

This beautiful planter made ​​from an old trunk isn't but one of many examples of fantastic planters you can do by repurposing old stuff. Let's see some of the best ideas that inspired us recently: 1) Old chairs can be easily turned into stylish garden pots 2) Re-use your old jars to make a uselful and decorative […] Read More

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planter from old trunk

A planter made ​​from an old trunk

What a lovely example of creative recycling: look at this beautiful planter made ​​from the trunk of a fallen tree, very elegant and perfect for a garden! These type of planters are often seen in the mountain villages of the Alps, where in winter, especially after heavy snowfalls, older trees tend to fall. You might […] Read More

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overripe bananas

6 easy recipes to recycle overripe bananas

One bad habit to avoid is throwing bananas that seem to be too ripe. But... what can you do with them? There are so many ways to recycle overripe bananas, as you will see ;-) 1- Peel a banana and heat gently in a pan for a few minutes (avoid microwave oven). Then mash it […] Read More

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garden of cosmic speculation

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries, Scotland

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, located in South West Scotland, came to life in 1989, thanks to the inspiration and work of Charles Jencks, one of the most interesting landscape architects of our times. Instead of exotic flowers and plants, Jencks created a mesmerizing landscape that includes aluminium flower beds, fountains with unusual shapes and […] Read More

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Living Museums: where the process of a communal life is preserved

Museums do not only have to contain and display dead things, intricate objects and stones and dead relics of the past. Museums where process of life and culture are preserved are called folk museums, or living museums. Generally these museums are not confined inside a building; they rather sprawl around a few vast territories and occupy […] Read More

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