June 2014

bamboo fabric

Bamboo, a more sustainable textile?

Bamboo is known as the fastest-growing woody plant in the world: technically a grass and not a tree, some types of this plant are capable of growing up to four feet a day. With more than a thousand species and multiple uses from flooring to panda food, bamboo has finally spread to textiles. A process similar […] Read More

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Lake Sørvágsvatn

Lake Sørvágsvatn: a lake that overlooks the ocean

Lake Sørvágsvatn is the biggest lake of the Faroe Islands, the small islands situated northwest of Scotland and halfway between Norway and Iceland. More precisely, the lake is located on the island of Vágar and the feature that is making it a photographer's favorite is easily understandable watching the following picture: Lake Sørvágsvatn looks like […] Read More

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rosemary potassium

Natural hair care with rosemary

If you’re looking for a natural way to take care of your hair, then rosemary could be just the thing for you. Among all the medicinal plants which can also be used in the realm of cosmetics, rosemary is the one best suited to hair care. Rosemary essential oil can help strengthen hair, facilitate its […] Read More

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Buycott app

An app to boycott Monsanto

How many times when buying a green or seemingly "natural" product, have you asked yourself, what is actually its true origin and if the label matches the truth ... Of course, it is often difficult to find a truly natural product as many products have links with companies defined as "unethical" because of their unsustainable […] Read More

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A delicious meat free burger recipe

Who said that vegetarian burgers can not be tasty and succulent? If you share our concern about the impact of meat production on the environment, a veggie burger isn't a bad idea. Here's a mouth-watering recipe to transform the classic meat burger in a second into an organic healthy and tasty version, ideal for winter […] Read More

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neem oil

Neem oil: what it is and what it can be used for

Its been around for hundreds of years, and still Neem oil is considered to be one of the most valuable and beneficial vegetable oils that nature can offer. Its story has its roots in the tradition of Indian Ayurvedic medicine, who first discovered it and used its countless healing properties in a variety of herbal […] Read More

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smoothies recipes

3 recipes for making fruit and vegetable smoothies at home

With the arrival of summer there is no better way to take care of yourself and your health than by preparing dishes with fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic. Here are 3 recipes for blended fruit and vegetables that can be made easily. You can choose the most suitable for you, as each has its […] Read More

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10 best bike routes in the world

10 of the best cycle routes in the world

Travelling by bicycle has earned quite a following: discovering a region, a country or crossing a continent by bicycle, is a captivating experience for an increasing number of people. If you also want to try travelling by bike, here is our selection of 10 among the best cycle routes in the world. EuroVélo: is a European […] Read More

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How to deal with limescale naturally and effectively

Limescale build up in our toilets and taps are a problem for everyone. Although tap water is constantly controlled to ensure it is safe from bacteria and microbes it is often hard due to its' usually high calcium carbonate content (commonly known as limescale). Limescal deposits can not only damage costly appliances, it can also break them. If you are lucky and live in an […] Read More

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boyan slat

How can we remove 7 million tons of waste from the ocean?

"The history of man is basically a list of things that could not be done, and then they were done", the motto of the young Boyan Slat, a nineteen year-old Dutch designer and inventor who has developed a project that could potentially have the ability to clean up the oceans, removing 7 tons of plastic […] Read More

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