May 2014

lice comb

Natural remedies against lice

Each year, many mothers face the recurring nightmare of lice. A problem, as we know, particularly exacerbated in kindergartens and elementary schools, but lice can spread over the entire family, if one does not take precautions. As a parasite, lice are not dangerous or particularly harmful; that said, their disagreeable presence can still cause many […] Read More

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Chris Jordan

Photography, waste material, environment and fine art

Photography, waste, environment and fine art: what do they have in common with conservation? Ours is a culture of consumption: we do not have time to appreciate beauty in nature or in art. The price tag attached to branded products and the glossy adverts in magazines and TV are often all we use to evaluate everything. Contemporary artists […] Read More

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How to make an eco-friendly perfume for your home

When we enter a fragrant home, an immediate  feeling of well–being engulfes us: 100% natural perfumes are a good alternative to the use of traditional chemical sprays, which are full of irritant substances and carcinogens. With a little imagination and creativity, there may be an infinite number of variations. Essential Oils: Above all, they must […] Read More

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natural remedies cold

Natural remedies against cold

Stress, vulnerable immune system, poor diet: many factors can cause cold. A cold can last several days, accompanied by sore throat, cough, headache and fever. In fact, if not treated promptly and appropriately, a cold can escalate into more serious pathologies. In any case, prevention is better than cure! The key to success lies in […] Read More

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How to repel mosquitoes naturally

As summer arrives so too do the mosquitoes. In the past they were a nuisance only in the evening. Unfortunately, in recent years, they pester us during the day time too.... and it's getting worse year after year! For example, in several European countries, since the arrival of the dreaded Asian tiger mosquito in 2004, day time mosquitoes have been found in countless countries […] Read More

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snail slime

Snail slime: a miraculous skincare substance!

Using snail slime for skin care is not a new concept. Helix aspersa Müller (small gray snail) releases a slime that is used by the "Mapuche" tribe (Amerindian living in Chile and Argentina) since antiquity. This snail slime can be used today, thanks to its many virtues, it is in fact rich in active ingredients, regenerative […] Read More

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homemade bread

How to make sourdough

Yeast, sourdough, what is it? Not everyone knows that the secret to good bread, even when home-made is yeast (or sourdough, as we will call it below). In this era of crisis many people are trying to make do in the house and prepare foods that have become a burden on the family budget as […] Read More

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amazing log floors

Amazing wooden log floors

We have selected some of the best photos available online of wooden log floors. Log end flooring has been used for ages and it is still appreciated for its durability and beauty. Enjoy! YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Painting, pasting and coating: decorate your home with natural products […] Read More

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treat ants with natural methods

How to treat ants using natural methods

Every season has its strengths and weaknesses, the spring and summer bring with them the hassle of the 'invasion' of ants. Those who want to eliminate this problem might find the following suggestions helpful to resolve the issue Yes, it is possible to treat ants using natural methods, at no cost and without dangers, especially if […] Read More

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remove moisture from walls

How to remove moisture from walls using natural methods

Yellow walls, moldy surfaces, water scales and damp surfaces are the unpleasant effect of the humidity factor. It manifests itself on the walls of old homes, rooms of houses that have little exposure to sunlight or that are subject to little maintenance. It is also due to the effect of the long rainy periods, which […] Read More

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