February 2014

Fighting stress

10 natural products to fight stress

Even if you’re not threatened with karoshi (the famed Japanese term for death by burnout), you should be aware of the warning signs of stress. Every time you have an adrenaline rush, your arteries take a hit. Every time you are facing a stressful situation, your body triggers a biochemical storm, causing damage to the cardiovascular system, digestive […] Read More

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The cabin in the air: a French holiday living in trees

Do you need a break from the noise of the city, or are you looking for a chance to welcome the sun waking up to the sound of birds and squirrels? Paris will always be our preferred destination in France, but if you are looking for something different, here is a fine option to enjoy […] Read More

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Kneipp treatment and its benefits

Kneipp: have you ever come across this word? This is a natural way to achieve well-being and indulge ones-self. Basically, Kneipp treatment is a form of hydrotherapy that nowadays is available in many spas in Europe. The word Kneipp came from a German abbot named Sebastian Kneipp, who lived in the 19th century and decided to […] Read More

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Why 1 mile by bicycle benefits society and 1 mile by car breaks the economy

This Danish proverb has been proved true, according to a study published by the City of Copenhagen. Copenhagen is one of the most ecologically aware European cities. In a recent study, scientists have looked into the positive effects of the use of bicycles as opposed to other forms of transport. The authorities in Copenhagen have […] Read More

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Snow art: Simon Beck’s unique creations

Since 2004, English artist Simon Beck works for several months a year at the French Alpine ski resort of Les Arcs. During these months, he invests both time and energy in the realization of works of art inspired by the composite forms of snowflakes. His ephemeral works are real land art as they last only […] Read More

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A green playground in Moscow

Moscow's suburbs are not exactly the first green sight you might think of: actually, the Russian capital's outskirt is a collection of huge, grey buildings, which may seem to have little in common with the idea of lifestyle we embrace. But surprises are the spice of life and we were glad to spot a LiveJournal page […] Read More

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